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Brand Strategy

A brand strategy acts as the plan for how you want your brand to be expressed.

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Brand Strategy

Building anything starts with a plan. Building a brand is no different. At Advocate our brand marketing agency solutions look at the big picture, to create long-term goals, and to define what your brand stands for.

A brand strategy acts as the plan for how you want your brand to be expressed. It guides your audience to perceive your brand in the manner you intended, expressing your promise and your personality.

A well-defined strategy will help you understand your audience, know where you stand in the marketplace, and identify a differentiator for you within your industry. Our work covers:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Research

Our brand marketing agency strategy services focus on answering two critical questions:

– what does your brand stand for, and to whom?
– what’s the right go-to-market brand strategy to best serve your customers?

Brand Definition creates a common understanding of what your brand stands for to customers and employees. Our Brand Definition work is underpinned by Brand Positioning – a big, simple, impactful phrase (think: Starbucks’ The Third Place) that conveys the brand’s purpose, helps you stand out and speaks to the highest value your brand delivers to your customers.

Brand Architecture helps to organise the way your brand(s) go-to-market from an outside-in – customer-based – perspective. It’s not about telling clients what you make, it’s about telling them how you can serve their needs and what they want.

Brand Strategy

Your strategy is your starting point for success. It acts as the plan for how you want your brand to be expressed in your marketplace – guiding your audience to perceive your brand in the manner intended, expressing its promise and personality.

Brand Naming

Our naming services include consumer research, linguistic analysis, name development and trademark evaluation. Our team are adept at delivering powerful, memorable names that cut through the white noise of marketplaces and are designed with longevity in mind.

For larger brands, we offer retainer agreements that enable us to be your ongoing naming partner. These longer-term assignments allow us to organise and optimise product/service names across your enterprise, as well as being on call for any type of name development needs.

Brand Identity

Our identity services help your brand to visually stand out consistently and coherently across all digital and analogue brand touchpoints and customer experiences. Our identity work includes:

• Logo Design
• Logo Style Guide
• Label & Packaging
• Websites, Apps etc

We’ll help you create a unique and differentiating brand identity that blends the perfect combination of type, style, symbol and colour. We also deliver brand identity guidelines designed to ensure your identity is being accurately displayed and deployed at all times, and can support these with workshops or other communications tools to safeguard your brand’s appearance in front of audience groups.

Brand Research

Our research services deliver data-driven insights in two main areas – discovery and validation.

Inform and evaluate branding activities through research designed to uncover the beliefs, perceptions and expectations of current and prospective consumers.

The quantitative customer research tools we use can be deployed to review and evaluate consumer loyalty, brand awareness, brand strengths, consumer needs, attitudes, motivations, preferences and expectations as they relate to your brand and key competitors.

These same tools also mean our expert team can provide ongoing tracking studies to monitor brand health, branding effectiveness and how likely customers would be to recommend your brand.

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