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Social media trends shaping 2024

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Social media trends shaping 2024

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As many of us delve into the analysis of the past quarter’s social media performance, it’s crucial for marketing professionals to stay on top of growing social media trends. With 2024 now in full swing, adapting and innovating based on these trends is a great way to help you achieve your marketing objectives. So, with this in mind here’s a look at social media trends that we are seeing the rise of this year.

Trend #1: Authentic AI Integration

Artificial Intelligence has cemented its place as an indispensable tool in the marketer’s arsenal, but its power is fully harnessed only when paired with authenticity and a deep alignment with brand values.

Top tips:

Set Clear Guidelines: Establish explicit guidelines for your team to craft AI-driven content across various platforms, ensuring it aligns with your brand and maintains data accuracy. 

Have Human Oversight: Implement a mandatory human review process for AI-generated captions and images to preserve quality and uphold brand identity.

Enhance AI Skills: Invest in continuous AI training for your team to keep skills sharp and innovations flowing.

Customise AI Tools: Tailor AI solutions like ChatGPT to recognize and adapt to the specific nuances of your content needs, ensuring outputs meet your exacting standards.

Trend #2: Revolutionising Content with Creators

Authenticity in content has never been more prized, and engaging with micro-influencers and customers to generate content can forge genuine connections.

Social media trends – Top tips:

Identify Suitable Creators: Pinpoint micro-influencers and content creators who resonate with your brand ethos and can authentically connect with your target audience.

Utilise Social Listening: Employ social listening tools to find and collaborate with influencers or brand advocates who are already engaging with your brand or discussing relevant topics.

Diversify Collaboration: Work with creators not only for promotional content but also to highlight your brand’s expertise and engage with the audience in meaningful ways.

Forge Long-term Partnerships: Build enduring relationships with influencers who consistently embody your brand values and deliver great ROI.

Encourage User Contributions: Actively invite customers to share their personal experiences and insights, enhancing the richness and authenticity of your content.

Trend #3: The Rise of Short-Form Video Content

The popularity of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels underscores the dominance of short-form video in current content strategies.

Top tips:

Adopt AI Video Tools: Leverage AI-powered tools like InVideo, Synthesia, or Vidyo.ai to quickly transform scripts into informative explainer videos or to create engaging clips from longer content.

Stay Trend-Aware: Regularly explore and engage with the latest video trends by browsing through ‘For You,’ ‘Reels,’ and ‘Shorts’ feeds.

Experiment with Formats: Continuously innovate by testing new video formats, participating in challenges, and incorporating interactive elements.

Trend #4: Blending Learning with Entertainment

Combining educational content with entertainment can make learning appealing and memorable.

Social media trends – Top tips:

Use Trending Elements: Harness popular audios, memes, and challenges to present information in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

Incorporate Memes and Filters: Utilise memes for humor and relatability, and apply in-app filters and animations to add creativity to your educational content.

Collaborate for Creativity: Partner with influencers who can introduce their unique styles and storytelling into your educational material, making it more engaging.

Trend #5: Shifting Engagement to Direct Messages

As social feeds become more congested, shifting meaningful engagement to direct messages (DMs) can foster deeper connections.

Top tips:

Promote DM Interactions: Encourage your audience to engage with your brand through DMs for a more personalised interaction.

Equip Your Team with Relevant Tools: Ensure your team is equipped with robust social inbox tools to efficiently manage and respond to messages across platforms.

Leverage AI Chatbots: Integrate AI chatbots to provide prompt replies to common inquiries, enhancing response efficiency.

Measure DM Performance: Establish and monitor key performance indicators for DM engagement, such as response times and customer satisfaction, to gauge success and areas for improvement.

Trend #6: Emphasising Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can resonate deeply with today’s eco-conscious consumers.

Social media trends – Top tips:

Understand Your Audience: Deeply grasp your target audience’s sustainability awareness and preferences.

Highlight Sustainability Efforts: Develop social media strategies that focus on showcasing your eco-friendly initiatives and products.

Share Authentic Stories: Tell genuine stories of your brand’s efforts towards sustainability and its impact, providing transparency and fostering trust.

Engage in Eco-Friendly Campaigns: Invite your audience to participate in sustainability-related challenges and discussions, promoting active engagement.

Trend #7: The Continued Importance of Text Content

Despite the rise of visual media, text-based content retains its significance, providing depth and fostering meaningful interactions.

Top tips:

Encourage Textual UGC: Motivate customers to share text-based content, such as reviews and stories, that provide deeper insights into their experiences with your brand.

Deepen Influencer Collaborations: Work with influencers to promote detailed, text-based content that showcases their and your expertise, fostering a richer engagement.

Trend #8: Advocating for Employee Engagement

Encouraging employees to act as brand ambassadors can amplify your brand’s authenticity and reach.

Social media trends – Top tips:

Identify and Train Brand Ambassadors: Select enthusiastic employees to become brand advocates and provide them with the necessary training and resources to effectively engage on social media.

Provide Shareable Content: Make it easy for employees to share branded content by supplying them with relevant articles, videos, and hashtags.

Recognise Contributions: Use incentives, shoutouts, or gamification to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts in promoting the brand.

Trend #9: Tailoring Branding Across Multiple Locations

For businesses operating in multiple locations, localising your social media strategy can enhance relevance and engagement.

Top tips:

Local Insights: Research and understand the unique characteristics and preferences of each location’s audience.

Create Targeted Content: Develop content that resonates with local events, culture, and trends.

Local Promotions: Implement location-specific promotions and community involvement initiatives to strengthen local identity.

Manage Social Media Efficiently: Use scheduling tools to ensure consistent posting across different branches under a unified strategy.

Trend #10: Increasing Influence of Decentralised Media

The rise of decentralised social media platforms offers new opportunities for user control and content monetisation.

Social media trends – Top tips:

Explore Decentralised Platforms: Create profiles and learn the functionalities of platforms like Minds to tap into their unique audiences.

Monitor Decentralised Trends: Keep an eye on developments in the decentralised media space, including growth trends, emerging platforms, and regulatory changes.

Educate Your Team: Inform your team about the advantages and challenges of decentralised media to prepare them for potential expansions into these new territories.

Trend #11: Expanding Horizons in Social Commerce

With social commerce becoming more integrated into platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, there’s a huge potential for direct consumer engagement and sales.

Top tips:

Choose the Right Platforms: Determine which social media platforms align best with your brand and where your target audience is most active.

Create Engaging Shopping Experiences: Develop immersive shopping experiences using features like shoppable videos and live shopping events.

Work with Niche Influencers: Partner with influencers who can effectively promote your products within their communities.

Utilise Shoppable Ads: Start employing shoppable ads to enhance product visibility and drive conversions.

And finally…

Staying ahead in social media marketing demands a proactive approach and a willingness to test and adopt new trends in order to be able to refine your marketing efforts, better connect with your audience, and ultimately achieve your 2024 goals. Whether through leveraging advanced AI, engaging with influencers, or pioneering new platforms, the opportunities for enriching your brand’s social media presence and driving growth are extensive. 

If you need help using social media to grow your brand and bottom-line, contact our experienced team today. 

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