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On-page SEO Checklist

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On-page SEO

On-page SEO Checklist

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On-page SEO doesn’t need to be complex. It’s just about giving the reader — and search engines — what they want

If a reader lands on your page, it’s because both they and their search engine have decided that your page best fits their needs. On-page SEO is about making sure that your page pleases both the bots and the people looking at your web page. This requires a mixture of quality page design and quality page content.

Let’s take a quick look at both!

On-page SEO Checklist: Page Design

Title tags
Does your page have a punchy, attention-grabbing title which is fewer than 580 pixels long and contains your target keyword?

Does the URL of your page explain what the page is about to both humans and search engines?

Alt-text and descriptions
Do all of your images have relevant alt-text and descriptions? Where possible, do they contain keywords?

Meta description
Does the meta description for your page grab people’s attention, contain a keyword (where possible) and consist of fewer than 1840 pixels?

Site speed
Is the website running as fast as it possibly can? People can be a lot more impatient than you might think!

More people use mobile than desktop. In fact, this has been the case since way back in 2016. So, does the website work as well on mobile as it does on desktop?

On-page SEO Checklist: Page Content

Does your page contain headings which break up the text into easily digestible chunks and (where possible) contain your keyword?

Does your page contain a mix of longer and shorter sentences? Are there some sentences which are too long? Are there some sentences which are too short? According to Yoast, more than 20 words is too long for a sentence. However, take this information with a pinch of salt. Long sentences are not inherently evil, but too many of them can confuse your reader.#

Does your page contain a mixture of longer and shorter paragraphs? Are there some paragraphs which are too long? Are there some paragraphs which are too short?

Will your page content clearly and concisely satisfy the desire of your reader? In other words, have you delivered what your title and headings promised, without waffling?

Does your page naturally contain the target keywords? If not, ask yourself if your page is actually about something else.

Internal and external links
Where relevant, does your page link to other pages on your website? Where relevant, does your page link to sources beyond your website?#

Does your page contain enough information? Without waffling, is it over 600 words? If not, ask yourself what extra information needs to be added, or whether this page is worth making at all.

And lastly…

On-page SEO doesn’t need to be complicated, but it does need to be done right. Need help? Check out more about our search engine optimisation services today.

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