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Boost your SEO with faster backlink indexing

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Backlink indexing

Boost your SEO with faster backlink indexing

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Backlink indexing and backlinks are like gold for SEO, but they don’t benefit you much until search engines notice them. The problem is that waiting for search engines to index them can be like watching paint dry. So, how can you speed things up? In this post, we look at a number of strategies you can adopt to get your backlinks indexed quicker and supercharge your SEO.

Go for high-quality backlinks.

First things first, aim to get backlinks from best in-class websites in your niche. Get your outreach on and work with bloggers and influencers to secure those context-rich backlinks. When you’re linked to trusted sources, search engines notice you faster, and that’s what you want.

Give Google a nudge – manually for faster backlink indexing.

If your backlinks seem to be in no hurry to get indexed, why not give Google a gentle poke? Head to the Google Search Console and use the URL inspection tool. By asking Google to check them out, you’ll get a ticket for a faster crawl. Just remember to prove that you own the website first.

Ping, ping, ping.

Ping search engines when the pages with your backlinks get updated. It’s like sending an instant alert to the search engine bots to check out your stuff. If Google isn’t moving fast enough, try services like Pingomatic or Twingly.

Be a social butterfly for backlink indexing.

Get social with your backlinks, especially on Twitter. Google loves tweets and even features Twitter carousels in search results. So, start tweeting your links for speedy indexing. Don’t stop at Twitter – spread the love on LinkedIn, Facebook and others to reach a broader audience and up your chances of getting noticed.

Use RSS feeds.

Keep search engines and your audience in the loop by using RSS feeds. Share your feed with aggregators and directories that search engines frequent. This way, your backlinks get noticed faster as the bots go on a turbo-crawl.

Keep an eye out and fix issues.

Don’t just sit back and hope for the best. Regularly check if your backlinks are in the search results by doing specific Google searches with their URLs. If they pop up, great; if not, it’s troubleshooting time. Look for issues like poor content, broken links, redirects gone wrong, or incorrect tags, and sort them out pronto.

Backlink indexing in a nutshell.

These strategies will help turbocharge your backlink indexing efforts, and SEO power. Remember to chase those high-quality backlinks, give Google a friendly nudge, ping your updates, embrace social media, harness RSS feeds, and keep a close watch on your backlinks. With these moves, you’ll have your backlinks indexed in no time, giving your website an edge in the ever-evolving SEO world.

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